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Tim Kallam. Art & Tai Chi in Newquay Cornwall.

Welcome to Innertide which brings together my interests in art, tai chi, holistic therapy, psychology and shamanism, including the Innertide app and inspirational card deck.


I have long enjoyed meditation in its many guises, better understanding my inner self, and observing the ever constant cycles we experience as part of Nature. Innertide was created an umbrella for my classes, therapy and artwork, all tools to enjoy and explore the inner self and make us more aware of the world we create for ourselves.



My art is primarily abstract but created with intention. Great importance is placed on the creationary process of my artwork and the reinvention and recycling of wood has been used as a medium in recent years.

InnerTide App

There are 65 cards with images of my artwork plus a written meaning for each one. Designed to be used for guidance and inspiration each image is a mandala created with a specific intention and focus.

Tai Chi

Info & classes. Tai Chi is the art of relaxation that allows us to flow. Sometimes known as the Supreme Ultimate it embodies the principles of natural and cosmic law.


Working with the patient through the metaphor of colour and shape any imbalance is explored. Certain symbols and colours can be very challenging in relation to specific problems and when we come to terms with them the corresponding issues shift as well.