I’ve been studying and teaching Tai Chi for over 20 years and my art evolves with it. 

After college my creative outlet was fulfilled by being in or on the ocean or in the mountains with constant stints of travel which were usually sport related. The practise of Tai Chi demanded something else from me and another creative outlet which was my art.

Tai Chi opens your right brain and intuitive abilities and I became a sponge for information which fuelled long shut down inclinations and abilities and I soon immersed myself in holistic therapies, psychic studies, alternative ways of thinking and art.

My travels had started in the early 80s fresh out of college. I had a bucket list of countries and places to visit. Having spent some childhood years on a farm I thought I might never step into an airplane - how wrong I was!

Travel exposed me to many cultures where I gradually expanded and deepened my understanding of life and knowledge in the healing arts.

My experiences in the oceans and mountains was pivotal in my self development and gave me a deep respect for Nature and my relationship with it.

I look back on my youth in disbelief sometimes, and apologise now to anyone I offended! I had and still have a great deal of energy and enthusiasm which sometimes might have been better directed. To start with there wasn’t much flow! 

From coups in Caracas, being lost in Namibia, frostbitten in Greenland, nearly ice bound in Antartica and more recent adventures in Kashmir - I appear to have survived. 

Based in Cornwall I still travel but now enjoy my eclectic interests and pursuits with varying degrees of flow thanks to Tai Chi.



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