InnerTide App


InnerTide Inspirational Card Deck & what it does.

There are 65 cards with images of my artwork plus a written meaning for each one. Designed to be used for guidance and inspiration each image is a mandala created with a specific intention and focus to make 65 slices of a universal pie!

They are based upon the I Ching which is a classic Chinese text of divination, wisdom and much more. It has 64 chapters and with an addition of my own the 65 parts look to represent the varied cycles of Nature and Universal movement.

The cycles all combine and repeat in a never ending matrix. As a means of divination you can posit a question, metaphorically stick your finger in the pie, see which slice you are in, and where you are, were or headed.

There is also a meridian and colour associated with each card. There metaphors can be applied to the respective card to add another layer of information and a deeper understanding of bodymind - the relationship between our physical body, thoughts and emotions.

InnerTide App will soon be available from the Apple App Store.