Tai Chi



1.30 - 3.00pm Wednesdays
Carnon Downs Village Hall

10th July - 28th August inclusive


11 - 12.15pm Thursdays
OceanFlow Yoga

18th July - 29th August inclusive



Open to everyone, drop in, £8 per session.


Shibashi / Tai Chi Chi Kung
Lee Style Tai Chi
Yang Style Tai Chi & Executive Form

Tai Chi is the art of relaxation and it can allow us to flow. Sometimes known as the Supreme Ultimate it embodies the laws of Nature. These principles are applicable to everything. 

Personally I enjoy teaching and exploring its practise and philosophy as a means of self development, health and wellbeing although it is often taught as a martial art. 

Solo movements are often taught as Chi Kung / Qi Gong and can benefit specific meridians or energy channels in the body as commonly used in acupuncture. Running through the entire body as a comprehensive network their balanced flow of energy ensures good physical, mental and emotional health. The movements are a great introduction to the more complex forms or patterns of Tai Chi and a great first aid kit and self help tool.

The Tai Chi forms can become a deeper form of self development and means to explore the timeless principles of natural and cosmic law.

As you refine patterns of movement you refine the behavioural patterns they represent. You are cross pollenating the metaphors represented by the meridian system and balancing them. The fundamental principles of alignment and posture help you discover your unique relationship and shape in relation to specific patterns and forms.

Mandalas in movement and intention are another way to describe Tai Chi. More commonly associated with circular Tibetan paintings mandalas contain specific points of focus and intention and their broader definition ‘a vessel containing energy’ can be extended to everything.

We are all unique and tai chi can help us rest in that uniqueness whilst recognising the commonality of energy and its patterns. We need to ride the energy naturally in a state of relaxation allowing us to respond not react and bring our unique offering to the world in a harmonious manner.


OceanFlow Yoga


Carnon Downs Village Hall