Energy Balancing

This works well emotionally and physically.

Working with the patient through the metaphor of colour and shape any imbalance is explored. Certain symbols and colours can be very challenging in relation to specific problems and when we come to terms with them the corresponding issues can also shift.

Animals in the Indian American shamanic tradition represent different energies and can be useful as visual aids in these visualisation processes.

Bowen Technique

Fascia manipulation - like a very subtle massage with time given for the body to readjust between movements. Can be very effective in realigning the physical structure.

If you strike a bell in one place the whole structure vibrates. The membrane that holds the body together - the fascia layer - is no different. An impulse in one place has reverberations throughout the whole physical structure and by association the emotional body.

This can work well in conjunction with the Energy Balancing if appropriate and requested.




Available - Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays.